Editors – The Phonebook

I’m on watch here
So close your eyes and get some rest
I’m here to watch your heart
It’s been faulty from the start
I’m the ribs in your chest

I’m not an angel
I never mean to make you cry
Jumping through my hoops
With dissention in the troops
And a smile inside

What’s that over my shoulder?
Fear of getting older
Stay with me

Sing me a love song
From your heart or from the phonebook
It don’t matter to me
I’m an apple, you’re the tree
It won’t fall when you’re shook

What’s that over your shoulder?
Fear of getting older
Stay with me

It ends with a kiss
It ends with a tear
It ends with the lights out
Bathed in our fears

Tell me nonsense
I don’t want to see
I saw the lightning
Cut through the last winter sky of the year

Stay with me
Keep with me

Editors - The Phonebook