Ghostpoet – X Marks The Spot feat. Nadine Shah

[Verse 1: Ghostpoet]
Obviously, You made me see
Can’t take this life for nothing
Let me be
All alone, I left my throne
If I don’t try another way
Then I’ll never know

[Hook: Ghostpoet & Nadine Shah] x2
So I don’t care anymore
[What you say, no way]
I don’t care anymore
[Oh you do [?]]
There’s a drawer in a room of a house that’s calling your name

[Verse 2: Ghostpoet]
Used to think you were true
But I was washed up, confused
Grasping, gasping, no room for hope
Nowadays, path seems clear
But no I won’t turn around and celebrate
You always seem here

[Hook] x2